Nuface Trinity review

Nuface Trinity review

Nuface Trinity is a small, FDA-approved, handheld, at-home microcurrent device that stimulates your facial tissues. It uses a conductive water-based gel to pass a tiny 400 microampere (μA) current through your skin. This tiny current is very similar to your body’s own bioelectricity, so your cells use it to produce an energy molecule called ATP.

ATP is important because it fuels almost all cellular activity. In turn, energized skin cells produce more and stronger collagen and elastin, which heals and refreshes the skin and muscles of the face and neck.

For some people, microcurrent produces immediate results, such as skin tightening, pore reduction and elimination of under-eye bags. Other effects gradually increase over time. You can learn more about the science behind microcurrent anti-aging facials here.

How to Use the NuFACE Trinity

Thanks to comprehensive instructions and online videos, the device is easy to use whether you have a tutorial or not. It also has multiple interchangeable accessories for targeting different things (such as the red light therapy for reducing acne scars and the fork attachment for smoothing laugh lines and eye wrinkles). But I highly recommend you take advantage of the 20-minute one-on-one sessions whenever possible. Peterson showed me how to use the product like a pro: the NuFACE moisturizing hydrogel is essential (it ensures that the microcurrent goes deep into the muscle) and two metal nodes should be gently pressed into the skin to activate the microcurrent.

You basically can’t screw it up. The device is ultra-light and comfortable to hold, and when it’s time to move to the next area of your face, a slight beep will alert you and the gel primer will ensure everything goes smoothly. Peterson assured me that if I moved the device upward, I would achieve the best lift possible. Lifted, it did.

Following Peterson’s advice, I started at the highest point of my neck and moved from the middle back toward the back of my neck a few times, then moved to my cheeks (my favorite spot because I love well-defined cheekbones), and then all the way to my forehead. This was probably the most shocking part because after lifting the right side of my face, my eyebrows were noticeably higher than the left side and those aforementioned forehead wrinkles were gone. Not a joke. I thought it would only last a few hours at most, but I was shocked the next morning when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my face still looked like it was sculpted. See for yourself.

Ok, so does the NuFACE Trinity actually work?

I tried this device for the first time and used it for 3 days straight. Here are some of my thoughts.

Day 1 – Honestly, I didn’t notice much of a difference the first time I used it. There was no mention of intensity in the quick start guide, so I started with the lowest factory settings. My skin looked slightly more toned, but that was probably due to the cold gel primer I applied “like a mask”. You can massage the rest of the gel into your skin as suggested, but I was tempted to rinse it off completely and then use my skincare products to cleanse the dry skin.

Day 2 – I decided to dig a little deeper. The NuFace app is referenced on the side of the box. I downloaded it to my phone, followed the prompts to set up a schedule, and watched some tutorials. There were 5-minute and 15-minute overviews and step-by-step videos of face lifts and other NuFace accessories and device treatments. Now pressed for time, I opted for the 5-minute lift and haven’t had the courage to increase the intensity. The results were roughly the same.

Day 3 – I decided to try the 15 minute lift and increase the intensity to the max and let me tell you – yes, it did work. This time I could feel a slight buzz, nothing painful, but I decided to top up the gel primer just in case. I was pleased to see that the side of my face that I treated first was noticeably higher and tighter. The nasolabial folds are less noticeable, although not completely gone.

How long do NuFACE results last?

As Peterson said, the results lasted for about two to three days, and then I took my NuFACE back and re-lifted everything. Because the microcurrent trains our muscles, the results only get better over time. The whole treatment only takes about five minutes, so I have no problem doing it three days a week to help keep my face sculpted. Plus, the gliding motion is very soothing. The only caveat: Make sure you apply enough gel primer before using the device, or it will give you a slight shock (not damaging, but certainly not pleasant).

Final Verdict

Bottom Line: I am obsessed with the NuFACE Trinity device. As someone who prefers a non-invasive approach to skincare, in my opinion, this tool is unbeatable. It’s easy to use, safe and painless, and more importantly, it works. After the first use, I saw immediate results, which isn’t always the case with high-tech skincare devices, and as promised, the results only get better each time.

Now, does NuFACE Trinity require more time and commitment than some of your other preferred beauty tools? It does. Does it also cost more? Absolutely. But when you consider that a professional microcurrent facial costs more than $150, NuFACE pays for itself in just three uses. Plus you can use it in the comfort of your own home, and it costs much less than other in-office alternatives like BOTOX and fillers, and it’s obvious: for model-worthy cheekbones and raised eyebrows.